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Sri Vishnu Explosives Pvt. Ltd offers Site Mixed Bulk Emulsion “Vishnu Ultra” suitable for use in various mining operations such as rock blasting, Coal mines, iron ore mines. This product is new generation Explosives most suitable for large excavation involving removal of huge over burden rocks, iron ores, lime stones and other various minerals.

Emulsion Explosives contain oxidizers and fuel in liquid form, in which the oxidizers are distributed as micro droplets in a continuous and thin layer of fuel (Oil) which results in high velocity of detonation in blasting resulting in maximum fragmentation / yield. The emulsion Explosives exhibit excellent water resistance to perform at low temperature.


These bulk Explosives can be used for expanded drill holes of different sizes as per requirement of the mining area and terrain depending upon prevailing geo-mining conditions.

  • Very safe as inputs / ingredients carried are Non Explosives in nature.
  • Large quantities of Explosives can be supplied at short notice, say within 24 hours.
  • No Storage License / Magazine involved and hence no restriction in usage of quantity depending upon the consumption of a particular blasting requirement.
  • No manual handling of Explosives as the entire matrix is pumped into holes directly by using pumping method with only a charger at work to ensure proper filling of bore holes.
  • Cost saving by elimination of packing and transportation.
  • Usage of minimal infrastructure by user. No need of magazines or explosive vans.
  • No threat of pilferage of Explosives.

The Bulk Explosives system of Sri Vishnu Explosives Pvt. Ltd is very versatile with latest infrastructure and facility consisting of

  • State of art, Non Explosives matrixing manufacturing plant.
  • Large silo for storage of non explosives matrix.
  • Latest Bulk Mining and delivery (BMD) vehicles (Pump Trucks).
  • Dedicated road tankers for transporting Non Explosives matrix from plant to (Silos).



  • Safety: The OB / FB mix is totally non Explosives stored and transported on BMD vehicles / tankers.
  • Quality: The Matrix is of assured high quality which is released only after thorough quality checks.
  • Reliable: The process and operation on the BMD vehicle (Pump truck) is very simple without involving too many ingredients by ensuring any defective material being pumped into bore hole.
  • Continuity: The matrix stored in the silos ensures for a continual supply of bulk matrix without any interruption of supplies for blasting at mines.


The silos provided near to the user are of 25 MT to 50MT capacity where by the large use of matrix by the user with a requirement of even up to 3000 MT of bulk Explosives per annum is possible without any interruption in supplies.

The Non Explosives matrix charged in to bore holes becomes booster sensitive after injecting required quantity of Gassing Agent after about 30 minutes it can be initiated either with Cast Booster or Cap Sensitive Cartridge Booster, set off using detonating card or Nonels.

It has excellent properties enables decking and stemming with maximum stability, water resistance and sleeping characteristics, thus making it suitable as a sleeping charge in watery holes.

The digital system provided in the BMD vehicle reads exact quantity of matrix charged in the bore hole. Earthing chains are provided to the BMD vehicle to discharge / dissipate any static electricity that might have accumulated on the BMD vehicle. A suitable exhaust pipe is provided to the BMD vehicle with flame proof arrestor with a fire extinguisher.

Statutory requirement to be complied by user with Director General of Mines Safety

  • Metalliferous Mines Regulation 155 (1) / Coal Mines Regulation 161 (1) – for using Explosive other than in cartridge form.
  • Metalliferous Mines Regulation 162 (5) / Coal Mines Regulation 168 (5) – using one or more complete cartridges of same diameter and same type of Explosive.



  • Product: VISHNU ULTRA
  • Density:
  • Weight Energy KCA/Kg: 900 TO 1100
  • VOD: 3500 TO 4500
  • Sensitivity: Booster Sensitivity
  • Water Resistance: Excellent


‘VISHNU ULTRA’ is suitable for dry as well as watery holes and also dragline applications. The product is capable of replacing use of Cartridge Explosives.


  • Explosives and detonators should not be impacted.
  • Avoid friction and possibilities of fire.
  • The detonators to be connected to detonating cord only just before the firing the blast.
  • No activity to be carried out during lighting or storm or cloudy weather / rain.
  • Do not attempt to fight Explosives fires.