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Sri Vishnu Explosives Pvt. Ltd is committed to customer satisfaction by providing Industrial Explosives through continual improvement, maintaining quality management system with emphasis on safety and protection of the environment.


Sri Vishnu Explosives Pvt. Ltd firmly believes that the safety of employee is paramount, safety shall be integral part of all aspects connected with every work activity including planning, training and implementation of tasks related to productivity.

The management ensures that Occupational Health and Safety Programmes are implemented and maintained to meet the best standards in the Industry by providing adequate resources, protective and safety equipment.

Sri Vishnu Explosives Pvt. Ltd, while adhering to the best safety standards, also endeavors to protect safety of neighborhood and protection of environment within and outside the workplace.

Employees, suppliers, and visitors also co-operate in the implementation of our Occupational Health and Safety Program. We believe no job is so urgent that it cannot be planned, executed safely and performed with excellence.

Sri Vishnu Explosives Pvt. Ltd ensures employee rights to safety which includes:
• The Right to be made aware of all hazards or risks involving their work
• The Right to refuse any work that is not safe
• The Right to actively participate in safety management plans and hazard control measures

Sri Vishnu Explosives Pvt. Ltd believes that power of teamwork only can achieve goals and in doing so ensures a healthy and safe work environment with a aim for “ZERO ACCIDENT” work place.