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For the last two decades, Sri Vishnu Explosives Pvt.Ltd has been helping all its clients in various kinds of mining safely and efficiently. Its innovation and commitment has resulted in continuous development of new, safer and more reliable blasting products, and innovative technologies.

Each mine is different, and the geo-mining conditions vary from time to time. Getting the optimum yield and fragmentation, minimizing oversize and fines, improving the productivity of men and machinery is the goal though the conditions constantly change.

We guide our customers in choosing the right product with the right technical parameters for the specific application. Our companies products achieve maximum blast optimization and are also environment friendly which results in significant direct and indirect cost savings.


Be it large or small projects, blasting plays a vital role. From projects ranging from construction of roads, bridges to tunneling or canal widening, our product has been the preferred in various regions since the time of its inception.

With its focus on safety, performance and efficiency, Sri Vishnu Explosives Pvt.Ltd also places great importance on environmental issues, and works on minimizing any environmental impacts while working in confined spaces.