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Sri Vishnu Explosives Pvt. Ltd manufactures “Vishnu Power 90” Emulsion Explosives in various diameters such as 25MM, 32MM, 40MM, 50MM and 83MM.

These are new generation Explosives. The Emulsion Explosives contain oxidizer and fuels in liquid form. They have characteristics for higher performance when compared to other commercial Explosives. They also have excellent water resistance and with optimum fragmentation even in low temperature conditions.

Vishnu Power 90 is a high energy explosive with oxidizers that are dispersed as micro droplets in a continuous thin layer of fuel. This mix contributes total contact of ingredients in the mass resulting in higher release of energy during detonation.

Vishnu Power 90 is high strength Cap Sensitive explosive packed in various diameters as per the customer’s requirement. It’s high energy content gives optimum fragmentation in hard strata.

Vishnu Power 90 is most suitable for hard rock blasting and mining and civil works such as road lying, well sinking, tunneling etc., It has excellent water resistance for use in watery drill holes.

Vishnu Power 90 facilitates facile cutting of cartridges as per the requirement at the actual site depending upon the sizes required for small users without any spillages. Very easy to handle while loading upward facing drill holes. The sensitivity and strength are consistent even while storing for longer period.


  • All contents are Non Explosive ingredients.
  • No headache or nausea during usage.
  • Very safe while transporting and handling and storage.
  • High strength and energy resulting in high velocity of detonation for good yield.
  • Excellent water resistance for using in the water holes.
  • Minimal after blast fumes.
  • Long shelf life and hence no leakage or disintegration of cartridge.
  • The product is available in the diameter size of 25MM, 32MM, 40MM, 50MM and 83MM.


  • Do NOT subject Explosives and detonators to impact, friction or fire.
  • NEVER force a detonator into Explosive cartridge. Always use pricker made of non-sparking material to pierce the wrapper while priming.
  • Do NOT attempt to alter the composition of the Explosive.
  • Do NOT tamp the primer cartridge, as it contains a detonator.
  • During charging, ensure cartridges are charged in the continuous column in the drill hole.
  • In below ground applications ensure adequate dilution of blast fumes before entering the work area.
  • Do NOT carry out charging of Explosives during an approaching storm and lightning activity in the blast area.
  • Vacate the blast area and resume operations only after the storm has passed.
  • Do NOT attempt to fight Explosive fires.


Petroleum & Explosives Safety Class 2
Organization (PESO), Govt. of India
IMDG Classification:

  • Class : 1
  • Division : 1.1
  • Group : D
  • U.N Number : 0241
  • Stowage Category : II Type ‘B’